Engagement Strategy #4: Plan a mix of traditional TV and YouTube for a 40%+ lift in engagement and reach (according to a Google independent analysis) without spending additional media dollars!

Google recently ran an independent analysis of 3000 campaigns that could have experienced a 42% increase of millennial reach alone by simply allocating a portion of their traditional TV budgets to YouTube video publishing and advertising (Click here for the full Google article). Then, add TrueView in-stream and in-display for targeted service and product offerings. It’s a win-win proposition! I can’t stress it enough, “Incorporate web-based video into your branding and product marketing budget this 2016 year.” And just when you think you’ve allocated enough—invest more! It’s guaranteed to boost engagement and brand recognition, and can easily be executed with minimal overhead.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you mitigate production costs, increase engagement, and reach out to a growing millennial consumer:

  • Creating your own YouTube channel is free, and increases your SEO.
  • Incorporate “Micro-moment” content – YouTube is the place to learn and explore the things you’re most passionate about. Make it about what they want, and they will come! (Click here for more details on micro-moments.)
  • Record videos with an smartphone device…at first. It’s cheap and easy to publish to your youtube channel. As long as your content is relevant, message is concise, and video is well lit without fidgety camerawork, you’ll be fine. An effective video doesn’t need to have a crisp, high production value video to be engaging. If your initial investment turns into a success, then look at purchasing professional digital recording and lighting equipment, or hire a professional.
  • Steal from your traditional TV budget that has not yet been locked into contractual media agreements, to push a few YouTube-based marketing campaigns in the first quarter of the new year.
  • Use in-stream and in-display to advertising within your own videos for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Incorporate related video content libraries (preferably of your own video content) to push relevant products, services or branding before and after the video has ended.
  • Embed ‘hot buttons’ to drive viewers to the products and services your are referring to throughout the video. You can also collect user information through email signups with a free shipping or 10% off with threshold offer.
  • Keep your videos to under 60 seconds. Millennials are especially sensitive to length of content. I always encourage building several versions of the same video—a shortened 30-60 second version and a long 2-5 min in-depth version. It’s okay to do 15 second “canned shorts.”
  • Make sure your viewers can share and make comments about your content. Also be sure to comment back – Millennials expect it!
  • Incorporate a cause or something that you and your organization cares about. If you sell lawn equipment, it may be a good idea to push an environmental cause at the end of your videos—donate 5% of the proceeds from purchases made from the video. Give it a CTA(Call To Action).
  • If you’re an eCommerce junky, be sure to embed your YouTube content to relevant product pages and keyword the heck out of them for SEO positioning.

I think this is a great conversation-starter, and there is so much more to add to this list, but I can’t give it all away! Whether you’re a B2B, B2C or a non-profit organization, every industry is different and requires special consideration to timing, audience, creative, and messaging. If you need assistance with your next promotional campaign, I want to help.

Jeff Behrenhauser is an accomplished Creative Director with over 15 years of experience in designing and developing email and web creative marketing strategies. He has held lead creative rolls in agencies and in-house marketing departments with successes in the Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Healthcare, Automotive, Energy, Technology, Communications, and Retail Services industries. Click here to find out more about how Jeff’s accomplishments in marketing and advertising can help your business.

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