Mom’s House of Lancaster is a fantastic organization that helps single mothers and fathers care for their children while they pursue a GED or continued college education. The program is managed by experienced, licensed childcare professionals; some of which have been through the program themselves and are paying it forward like their Managing Director, Sara Moyer. The unseen success behind the program is that everyone is not only required to give back, but they all gladly do so in time and monetary donations!

Mom’s House of Lancaster has made a significant impact on the Lancaster tax paying community, and throughout their respected regional franchises, saving an average of $20,000 per year in public assistance tax dollars, per enrollee. The program proudly reports 100% graduation success rates, with 99% moving on to enroll in post-secondary education programs. Every enrolled mother and father takes part in parenting classes, providing them the tools and resources to become effective parents outside of the program. I have personally toured their Lancaster facility and can attest to their accomplishments.

So, how did this all come about? Mom’s House is sponsoring this year’s Feinstein Hunger Drive, where all donations, made between March 1st and April 30th, are enhanced to benefit our Mom’s House right here in Lancaster, PA. Last year in 2015, they raised the money through word of mouth and some social media venues—not very effective, especially when targeting private businesses and others not familiar with Mom’s House. They need to anchor this program to a content-rich site and I provided the infrastructure and design to make this a reality.

I developed a contemporary, mobile-responsive parallax landing page with SEO, social sharing, and google tracking to monitor traffic, engagement and conversion data. This way, we can easily make targeting adjustments to help reach the people and businesses we need to exceed our goal of $50,000.

The landing page is completely mobile-ready with a parallax UX. The lead image is dynamic responsive with scroll animation, and all buttons are designed with a contemporary flair and very easy to navigate. Every section includes a Paypal donate button for convenient location along with simple one-click anchor navigation. In mobile phone environments, the site behaves like an App.

I’m proud of the site and more than happy to provide my services for such a great cause that’s making a tangible difference in young single parent’s lives. Please check out the website at and while you’re there, make a donation. Every dollar makes a difference!

Jeff Behrenhauser is an accomplished Creative Director with over 15 years of experience in designing and developing email and web creative marketing strategies. He has held lead creative rolls in agencies and in-house marketing departments with successes in the Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Healthcare, Automotive, Energy, Technology, Communications, and Retail Services industries. Click here to find out more about how Jeff’s accomplishments in marketing and advertising can help your business.

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