Engagement Strategy #1: Always make sure your website and landing page design is scalable for mobile devices using responsive design or a .mobi variant.

This is because most users indicate that an easy-to-navigate, responsive-designed website or landing page is the first indicator that your business actually cares about them. It’s your first impression, and it needs to be properly coded and tested. And, given the fact that 60% of internet access is done through mobile devices, and 34% of users surf the internet exclusively using their smartphone, that should be enough to convince the most stubborn CEO into budgeting for responsive code integration. It makes accelerated improvements in eCommerce conversion rates too!

Above is a sneak peek of my latest beta contest project for the “Coca-Cola Big Fizz Challenge.” It’s a fictitious contest that requests the customer to submit videos of their own personal reflective Coca-Cola moment to win a chance at starring in the next Coca-Cola TV spot. It’s a solid example of my responsive design and digital promotional marketing strategies experience, which include an email campaign, mobile landing page, animated web banners, and more.

This post is part one in a series of easy-to-implement engagement ideas I intend to release over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more! If you would like more information about my Coca-Cola contest, including a live link to the landing page and blog article, or need help launching your own B2B /B2C promotional advertising, just click here to check out my LinkedIn profile with contact info and career experience.

Jeff Behrenhauser is an accomplished Creative Director with over 15 years of experience in designing and developing email and web creative marketing strategies. He has held lead creative rolls in agencies and in-house marketing departments with successes in the Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Healthcare, Automotive, Energy, Technology, Communications, and Retail Services industries. Click here to find out more about how Jeff’s accomplishments in marketing and advertising can help your business.

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